More Customized Carts

We have built many carts for customers and to sell over the years to give you something different than everyone else.  You can add lift kits, aluminum rims, front baskets, brush guards, rear arm rest/cup holders, diamond panel accessories, fender flares, MP3 Stereos, two toned seats, and much more!!  You have the freedom to do this on a new or used golf car.

Premium Flip Seats with Folding Footplate

A Popular Upgrade has been the Flip Seat With the Folding Footplate.  This is a great option if you are dealing with a storage space or hauling issue.  The footplate folds up and will fit in the back of an 8 ft Truck bed with the tailgate closed and it takes up less space in a trailer.  These have grown in popularity for our customers in the racing world. 

Handicap Shuttle Golf Car

We Custom Stretch these units in our fab shot and make the Wheel Chair Accessible Ramp.  We've made many of these for Race Tracks, Campgrounds, & Amusement Parks

Tow Truck Golf Car

Tow Truck Golf Cars can be built on New or Used Golf Cars and With or Without a Top

Raffle Golf Cars for Charity

The Pink Golf Car was built to raise money for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life.  The Paint Job was donated by Dencer's Body Shop & The Custom Seats were Donated from Robbie Hines.

The White Golf Car was built to raise money for The Ohio Wildlife.  The unit was raffled off during the Ohio RV & Boat Show.

The Dark Blue and Red Golf Car was built to raise money for Andrew's Army and Muscular Dystrophy. 


Custom Seats

What a better way to change the look of your ride than with comfy custom seats available from EZGO.  These have been a popular new accessory.

EMT Golf Cars

We make many EMT Units that we sell all over the Midwest & Northeastern States.  You can get an EMT kit put on a Gas or Electric Golf Car that is New or Used.  You can get it with or without a top.  The back section features a storage compartment and when the body is lifted there is storage under the passenger side.  We build these for many High School and University Athletic Departments, as well as for the medical staff within warehouses. 

Custom Flatbeds & Steel Van Box

We Custom Make Flatbeds in our Fab Shop.  You can get them made with our without side rails.  We've also made removable side rails for a few companies.  They are hinged on the bed so you can still get to under the body of the cart.  Need to haul large items??  What a better way then our steel box insert for the back of the flatbed!!

Custom Painted Bodies

You can get many themed custom painted bodies and many color schemes. These are just a few of the custom painted body carts we've sold over the years.  You can add a custom body onto any New or Used Golf Car.  Pricing depends on paint theme and body style.  What a great way to show off your personality!!

DoorWorks Enclosure & Hydraulic Snow Plows

Keep Yourself Warm during the Winters While Plowing the Snow 

Van Boxes & Curtis Cabs

These Units feature a Locking Van Box on the Rear and a Curtis Cab to keep you out of the weather 

Your Golf Car doesn't have to look like it just came off the golf course anymore.  You can customize it for your needs and what you want your golf car to look like.  We can add everything from custom painted bodies, upgrading to aluminum rims, brush guards, seat covers, bright diamond accessories, dashes, custom steering wheels and more!!!  We specialize in building handicap golf cars in our fab shop that include a ramp to roll a wheelchair up onto and 8 Passenger Shuttle Golf Cars.  Also, we make EMT units that allow to haul around injured people with a storage compartment underneath.  Need to haul items such as trash or inventory??  We have Flatbeds with a metal cage that allows you to stack things in the back bed without falling out. 

Let us create your own customized look for you.  A golf car should show off your personality, so let Eagle Golf Cars customize your personality into a golf car to show off your special tastes. 

Below are some pictures of the golf cars we've built for sale and for customers over the years.

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